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Recipe: Christmas Pavlova |

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Two students with Ogden-Weber Applied Technical College shared their recipe for traditional Pavlova.Pavlova is a traditional Christmas dish served in Australia and New Zealand.

Megan McArdle's Dispatches From the Frontiers of Food

Megan McArdle's Dispatches From the Frontiers of Food

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But no, she won't be sampling the world's dark chocolates, and she makes no apology for drawing the line.The long-stagnant economy probably also protected Italian food culture from the "blandifying forces of modern commercial food processing.

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Google betting on AI from India - BUSINESS

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’“The pace at which you can solve problems is so much faster when you apply (AI),” said Paul Ravindranath G, program manager, Google India.“They try to identify areas where you need help,” said Rohit Kumar Pandey, 34, co-founder of SigTuple.

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How to light your Christmas pudding

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Getty Images There are three simple steps to lighting your Christmas pudding
How can I light my Christmas pudding?Turn your steamed pudding onto a serving plate with a decent sized rim so you have room to pour the brandy.

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Bakers offer holiday advice, memories

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To make baking easier for all, the SDN caught up with two local bakers.“It’s not always easy, but it’s always rewarding to invite others to join in the holiday cooking,” DeRego said.

Cookies are lessons for Decatur family | Local

Cookies are lessons for Decatur family | Local

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DECATUR — For 10 years, Nan Kelley has invited her five granddaughters to her Decatur home to help make Christmas cookies.+4 

Nan Kelley's family work together to make cookies at her house in Decatur.

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Savor your flavor at new Wafflemeister in Riyadh

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Having spread its natural fun flavors around the world, with retail units in UK, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Wafflemeister now comes to Tahlia Street, Riyadh, with a new all day brunch & dessert menu.“The Wafflemeister story is fascinating in terms of its vision, business model and growth strategy,” explained Younes Skaini, CEO of Mint Trading Partners, the holding company for Wafflemeister in the Middle East.