New robot dog from Japan sniffs out your stinky feet

Foot odor can be embarrassing. But how do you know if your feet are slightly smelly or Hasmat-level awful? 

It's not likely you'll want to ask a co-worker, stranger or even loved one for an honest assessment of your feet's fumes. That's where the new Japanese robot dog Hana-chan can be of an assistance. 

The adorable robot from Next Technology has a built-in odor detection sensor in its nose that can tell whether your feet are fine or pungent. 

The mini mutt -- 6 inches long (about 15 centimeters) will bark if your toes are merely moderately smelly, but will fall over if your feet are rank.

The robot dog doesn't just notify you when your feet are too noxious for words, it also sprays air freshener on your toes to help fix the situation temporarily. 

A prototype of the feet-sniffing robot pooch can be found on the Next Technology website. 

Next Technology plans to sell the Hana-chan robot dog in early 2018, according to Japan Times, retailing for around ¥100,000 (approximately $900, £660 or AU$1,125), 

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