The Bold Type Unicorn Dreamtini Cocktail Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of Freeform

The women of

The Bold Type

work together, play together, and, apparently, craft trendy cocktails together. However, you may


want to drink

what's in their Unicorn Dreamtini,


Scarlet Magazine

's signature drink.

So what's actually in that unicorn drink? According to showrunner Sarah Watson, it's not quite as appetizing as it appeared. (Though Pinstripe Guy didn't exactly want seconds.) When a fan asked what was in the cup, Watson admitted that it wasn't exactly the fruity cocktail of one's dreams...or even a cocktail at all.

"The ones on set were almond milk, food coloring, and glitter," the TV writer responded, before imploring someone to come up with a better recipe. "Can anyone help us [out with] a real recipe? @Cosmopolitan, you guys got anything?"

I put almond milk in my cereal on the daily, but drinking that with a handful of glitter? Umm, I think I'll pass. And so did the Bold Type writers, who were having a hard time swallowing the truth about the beverage.

"The actual drink tho," the writer's account tweeted, followed by a GIF of someone hurling into a trashcan.

That's not to say


unicorn beverage is disgusting. The Unicorn Frappuccino may be a thing of Starbucks' past, but you can still

make your own version at home

— no almond milk required. (If you have a really good relationship with your barista, you


be able to get them to

make you this Unicorn Lemonade

...but tread carefully.)

For all of you mixologists out there, crafting a real Unicorn Dreamtini is now your mission. Make it taste as great as it looks.

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