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When planning a dinner party, one word often comes to mind: work. While it can be fun to get friends and family together, the preparation that goes into hosting a dinner party can take the fun out of it. Here are some tips to ensure a successful party.

First, when preparing the menu, do take dietary restrictions and food allergies into consideration, but don’t agonize over them. Preparing a menu that accommodates a variety of restrictions is important, but don’t feel obligated to make special meals for guests. 

Also when planning the meal, bonappetit.com suggests creating a menu from tried-and-true recipes instead of testing a new recipe the on the night of the party. But, even if your recipe goes awry, don't feel the need to apologize for the food — there's always a chance the guests won't notice anyway.

Some tips to make the dinner party run smoothly: If you have a large group of people, consider making seating arrangements. To create ambiance, make a playlist ahead of time and have it playing softly in the background. And as a favor, print menu and recipe cards of the food you make so guests can take it home and try to make it themselves.

The biggest don't — expecting everything to turn out perfectly. Managing your expectations ahead of time and focusing on the people gathering together should negate stressing over planning a dinner party.

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