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CLARKSBURG — As college starts, many students find themselves at the mercy of their school’s menu. However, while most dorms may lack a kitchen on hand, there are several different recipes that only require a microwave to make, a staple in any college student’s dorm.

Aryn House will be starting her senior year at West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon. She said she enjoys making egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches in her microwave.

The ingredients include two eggs, bacon, bread or an English muffin, vegetables of choice, salt and pepper, and cheese if desired.

“Cook the bacon in the microwave on a microwave safe plate. Whisk two eggs with a fork in a microwave safe bowl — add veggies and torn up bacon,” House said. “Microwave eggs for one and a half to two minutes, and place the cooked egg patty on bread of choice.”

House said she enjoys this meal because it’s not only filling, but easy and nutritious.

“I grew up having egg sandwiches for breakfast, and it’s an easy comfort food that brings me home,” House said.

Ankur Kumar, a West Virginia University senior, said a recipe he calls “super oatmeal” was his staple when living in a dorm and still makes it regularly when backpacking.

“It’s really simple,” Kumar said. “Oatmeal is easy to do, and all you need is warm water, but you can really deck it up.”

He microwaves water in a bowl and adds in an instant oatmeal packet, though he advises eventually just purchasing a tub.

“Then put peanut butter, raisins, currants, dried fruits like that, and then brown sugar, and just a little bit of milk to top it off,” Kumar said. “All of that stuff you can store easily and for a long time in the dorm, so I would make that a lot. I eyeball the amount — I always put a lot of peanut butter and always chunky.”

He said that knowing microwave recipes like this allow students to make decisions about their own nutrition.

“Having buffets of food available at the dining hall is good for the first several months. After that, your body just rejects it. You need other avenues for subsidence. I feel like cooking offered me a level of independence from being a freshman and being able to whip up things with a microwave and a fridge, it just puts you more in charge of yourself.”

Brianna Underwood said that her favorite microwave recipe was scrambled eggs.

“You break two eggs in a mug and stir it and then add salt and pepper. Then you cook for 30 seconds,” Underwood said. “Take it out stir it again and repeat this process until eggs look fully cooked. You can also add onions, bacon bits, etc. for fancy scrambled eggs.”

The West Virginia Wesleyan College senior said that she taught herself the recipe, as she was often too tired to walk across campus for breakfast.

“I was sick of cereal in my dorm every morning. I thought of what foods I could possibly make in my microwave, and I thought of scrambled eggs,” Underwood said. “I like this recipe because you can pretty much have a healthy, warm and delicious breakfast without having to leave your dorm.”

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