WATCH: Orangutang poo, worms, spiders and grubs - Sheffield artist creates fun book of revolting cktails for children

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Fancy a refreshing glass of orangutang poo, worms, spiders and grubs?

Well, you could soon be downing a glass of that utterly revolting concoction thanks to a Sheffield artist, author and illustrator who has created a fun book for youngsters packed with some of the vilest and most disgusting recipes ever.

Artist Lisa Maltby, son Albie and one of her curious cocktails.

Lisa Maltby dreamed up the zany collection almost by accident with her son Albie - and now she has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help bring the children's book to the shelves.

She said: "It all stemmed from the time I was illustrating cocktails for a drinks menu and I heard my four year old son sniggering behind me.

"He found the fact I was putting limes and lemons in drinks very funny so I asked him what he would like to put into a drink.

"For the next hour we invented silly drinks made of slugs, slime and other disgusting things."

Lisa's Jungle Juice cocktail.

The idea blossomed into The Glorious Book Of Curious Cocktails, a collection of downright disgusting, fun recipes with drinks such as Slime and Tonic, Eyeballtini, Farty Fizz, The Bees Knees, Jungle Juice, Stink Bomb, Snappy Surprise, Crusty Colada, The Goofy Guzzler and The Fluffy Critter.

The 'Jungle Juice' cocktail, containing grubs, snakeskin, tarantula legs, scorpion's tail and orangutang poo - although of course, the recipes are just for fun!

Added Lisa: "We spoke about onomatopoeia and alliteration and other things that would make our recipe book sound funny and we wrote out our recipes.

"We even made some tasty ones for real!

Son Albie with a copy of the book.

"I turned our findings into a silly and educational book for children."

The book is designed to help children learn about literacy, design, working with different materials and imagination.

She added: "I wanted the book to be for both children and adults - beautiful to hold and look through yet utterly disgusting."

As well as nonsensical recipes there are recipes that are can be made with edible ingredients, giving an understanding of working with measurements and how different liquids and solids react when mixed together. There are also pages at the back for children to invent their own silly cocktails.

Lisa Malbty created the book after a discussion with her young son.

Lisa has previously created designs for Chatsworth House, Topshop and Waitrose among others and took part in last year's Herd of Sheffield event, painting one of the huge fibreglass elephants dotted around the city centre.

You can contribute to Lisa's Kickstarter campaign HERE
You can follow the Gloriously Curious Cocktails campaign on twitter @gloriouslycurio or find out more at

The book contains recipes with ingredients such as slugs, snakes and slime.

The book is aimed at adults and children.

One of the real cocktails from the book.

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