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The Toasted Mallow

has elevated edible cookie dough to new, gooey goodness by combining cookie dough with marshmallow fluff.

The gourmet s'mores and marshmallow company, which formerly went by the name Fluff It, has launched a line of marshmallow fluff that comes with two surprising flavors. In addition to their traditional

vanilla bean whip fluff

and their

fall-inspired pumpkin spice variety

, the company has also launched three flavors that are cookie dough combos.

The first flavor is your basic chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, layered with big swirls of marshmallow fluff. The second is a s'mores-inspired variation, which layers the fluff with graham cracker-flavored cookie dough. The third, perfect for those who live for the days when Starbucks serves its Pumpkin Spice Lattes, has pumpkin spice cookie dough mixed in with the marshmallow.

An added bonus? Though the fluff is not vegan (it contains egg whites), it does not contain any corn syrup or gelatin, according to the Toasted Mallow website.

Food Instagram account @SnackBetch couldn't help but order all three flavors — and, like, same.

Technically, you could smooth these spreads onto a peanut butter sandwich, or use them to kick up an ice cream sundae. However, it's more than acceptable to just take a spoon and dig right in — hey, no one's judging.

This snack is a reminder of how marshmallows are severely underutilized in dessert. There are



amazing s'mores recipes

out there that must be tried! However, next time I'm feeling particularly dessert lazy, I'm going to dip a spoon into one of these jars and call it a day.

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