Nadiya Hussain outrages Wales fans with Welsh cake recipe

Nadiya Hussain has delighted fans week after week on her show, Nadiya's Great British Food Adventure.

But fans in Wales were torn between their love for the Great British Bake Off winner and their country's food heritage on Monday night's finale when the star added fennel seeds to Welsh cakes.

These flat scone-like treats are traditionally made from just flour, butter or lard, currants, eggs, milk, and spices, before being cooked dry on a bakestone or griddle pan and covered in sugar.

But Nadiya, 32, outraged die-hard fans of these national cakes by adding fennel seeds to the mix, frying them in butter, and dipping them in a homemade blueberry coulis. 

Nadiya appalled Welsh viewers with her twist on classic Welsh cakes, especially by dipping them in a blueberry coulis

Welsh viewers weren't outraged enough however to stop praising Nadiya's cooking abilities and her 'beautiful face'

The episode proves why some dishes are not worth the aggravation you might receive by putting a twist on a classic recipe.

Fans in Wales found that only their love for national treasure Nadiya prevented them from being too critical of the food show host and her take on their beloved Welsh cakes.

One said: 'Fennel seeds in Welsh cakes? Nadiya I love you, but no!!!!'

Another added: 'My Nan would have a fit'. 

Nadiya sent Welsh fans into a tizzy by adding fennel seeds (right) to her unusual Welsh cakes (left), and also annoyed them when she fried them in butter

Welsh fans were getting into a right tizzy as they watched national treasure Nadiya Hussain on last night's finale of Nadiya's Great British Food Adventure

It wasn't just the addition of fennel seeds that wound up Welsh viewers.

They also got into a froth over the way she fried the cakes, which was in a frying pan with butter.

Welsh cakes are traditionally made on a cast iron bakestone in the oven, though they can also be made on a dry griddle pan on the stove.

Nadiya uses a 'little bit of butter' to fry her cakes, which Welsh viewers got in a tizzy about.

But the final straw for appalled Welsh fans was at the end of the segment, when Nadiya whipped up a blueberry coulis to dip her sugary Welsh cakes into.

Nadiya appalled Welsh viewers by frying her Welsh cakes in butter as the national treats are usually dry-fryed

Welsh fans were still praising Nadiya's cooking skills and saying they loved her despite disagreeing with her Welsh cake recipe

Many fans praised Nadiya for her hosting skills and charisma on screen, saying they want to be her 'best friend'

One viewer said: 'Welsh cakes are not for dipping, Nadiya.'

Another said: 'On the phone to my Mam and she is horrified by Nadiya's Welsh cakes.' 

But despite the fans getting in a flap over Nadiya's take on Welsh cakes, they still admitted that they 'love' the cookbook author.

Many praised her glowing, clear skin as they watched her on the last episode of Nadiya's Great British Food Adventure on BBC Two on Monday night.

Another said her recipe for Lamb Bhuna looked 'immense'.

But a few pointed out that as she cooked the curry in a Welsh field full of sheep, the animals may not be too impressed she was cooking one of their own kind so close to them. 

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