Sweet, seasonal recipes with Italian prune plums

Sweet, seasonal recipes with Italian prune plums
(Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)

Those plums at the farmers market that are a little dusty and oblong? They’re supposed to be that way. Italian prune plums, typically available during summer’s dwindling weeks through the very beginning of fall (meaning now!), have a firm, barely sweet flesh with a slightly tart skin. They’re ideal for baking, since they keep their shape while simultaneously — magically, almost — turning a little jammy. Here are a few ways we like to use them.

[The spice is right — and unexpected — for this plum cake]

Spiced Plum Cake, pictured above. One-bowl and dairy free, with a little special somethin’ from Chinese five-spice powder.

Knedle sa Sljivama (Plum Dumplings). The recipe comes from the village of Lipolist, southwest of Belgrade.

[The ease and appeal of DIY slivovitz]

Apricot and Raspberry Clafouti. This is also great with, you guessed it, plums.

Sweet, seasonal recipes with Italian prune plums
(Goran Kosanovic/For The Washington Post)

Bavarian Plum Cake. A great way to showcase the beautiful fuchsia tints that come out once cooked. While the dough may seem more like a short crust meant for a tart, the result is distinctly cake-y.

Slivovitz. This plum brandy needs about three and a half months until it’s ready for sipping, which means you can start a batch now and then portion it out into small bottles for holiday gatherings and gifting.

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