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Do you need a little more motivation to eat healthfully? Are you lost when it comes to how to prepare food, especially nutritious food?

Maybe you already love to cook healthy food, but enjoy cooking demonstrations and ideas.

Then the Healthy You Cooking Class is for you. This class has offered education to the community for over five years now.

It offers a combination of recipe demonstrations by Margaret Brown, a retired nurse practitioner who is passionate about creating health through diet, and nutrition nuggets by Dr. Diana Fleming, a nutritionist who loves to eat and analyze good food.

New plant-based recipes are presented at every class.

The first class this season will be wheat-free, though other classes may use wheat or gluten. Techniques will be shown to lighten up on oil and salt. Always, however, delicious taste is a high priority.

Class is the second Tuesday of the month, Sept. 12. at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall of the Arbuckle View SDA Church on Highway 7 between Sulphur and Davis (by Chickasaw Trail).

Demonstrations are followed by a buffet of samples of what has been prepared. No reservations or registration fee are needed.

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