Baldwin Co. residents cook for evacuees stuck in traffic while fleeing storm


As evacuees from Florida continue to flee the path of the storm, folks from our area are doing what they can to welcome them.

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On Friday, Baldwin County residents set up a tent at the Alabama Welcome Center and began cooking food for those stuck in traffic on I-10.

Thousands are fleeing one of the worst recorded storms in history but that situation is bringing out the best in the those who just want to help.

Volunteers from Fairhope are showing their support by providing hotdogs, buns, snacks and waters at no cost.

It was all to help evacuees like the Murray family who left their home in Port Charlotte, Florida to avoid the massive storm.

"We've been in the car for the last 15 and a half hours. I think we have like 6 more hours to go," said Jeanne Murray.

Like thousands of others, the Murray family has been dealing with bumper to bumper traffic for hundreds of miles as record evacuations have left residents desperate to get out of Florida.

"We've prepared for the worst and are hoping for the best," Murray said.

Robert and Lori Clark say they've already fed hundreds of people.

They're just hoping to help ease their burden even if it's just as simple as providing a free meal.

"It ain't in their budget for what they're having to do right now. These restaurants are gonna be packed. Just seemed like the thing to do," said Robert Clark.

"It makes you feel good but we're all supposed to help each other. Unfortunately, sometimes it's only during a storm. But we just want people to know we're thinking about them and care about them," Lori Clark said.

The Clarks said they plan to stay as long as they can afford to keep buying, cooking and providing hot dogs to those in need.

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