KFC Uses VR To Teach Workers Its Chicken Recipe

KFC Uses VR To Teach Workers Its Chicken Recipe

The fast food chain introduced a new immersive game as a creative way to start training its employees

KFC, the fast food chain known for finding unique ways to advertise its product using everything from comic books to smartphone apps, has decided to take an inventive approach to training its staff. In a new interactive VR game developed by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, chefs are taught how to make fried chicken by a virtual Colonel Sanders.

The game takes you inside Colonel Sanders’s kitchen where he instructs you, in under 10 minutes, on how to make KFC’s Original Fried Chicken Recipe. The player won’t be able to exit the game until they’ve correctly completed all five steps to making the dish, which starts off with inspecting your virtual chicken and ends with pressure frying it. The game is meant to be a more efficient and fun introduction to the art of making KFC chicken before workers graduate to performing the task in real life.

KFC is following a trend in work training, as Walmart also hopes to begin using a VR training program by the end of the year. Company leadership hopes that it will be an engaging way for new employees to learn the recipe that more than 19,000 of its cooks perform daily. Who better to learn from than the Colonel himself?

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