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As the chill enters the atmosphere, summer days will begin to transition to those familiar fall evenings. The humidity will soon make it’s exit, bowing out to the crisp air that defines autumn in Kentucky.

We will soon be talking with friends and neighbors, mesmerized as to how the holiday season is already upon us. Twinkling lights will soon adorn trees in our front windows, and children will hope that they were indeed well behaved enough to get that visit from the big guy with all the toys.

Most folks will gather with their families to celebrate the season, and reminisce about all the memories of yesteryear.

With that being stated, we ask, what family gathering would be complete without snacks?

If it weren’t obvious by now, this food creation reminded us of the holidays. The recipe we are preparing today is one which we have enjoyed variations of at holiday gatherings throughout our lives.

Surprisingly, this delicious treat is simple to prepare, albeit a little messy.

So, get ready to roll up your sleeves, and enjoy diving into this fun and exciting snack.

With this recipe, you will be able to prepare and enjoy homemade sausage balls.

Our recipe this week comes to us from the Soldier Church of God cookbook, submitted by Sue Cundiff Adkins.

We have always enjoyed sausage balls over the years. Whenever you find yourself at a gathering in which these are served, it’s a good idea to put some on your plate early.

More than likely, by the time you go through line for a second helping, these will be but a memory. This is indeed a popular item.

The fantastic thing about this recipe, is that it’s so simple, and costs between 10 and 15 dollars to prepare. Even an amateur chef will be able to prepare this delicious treat. Your ingredients for this recipe

will be: 1 lb Weber’s Hot Sausage (uncooked) 3 cups Bisquick 1 package sharp cheddar cheese (grated) 3 tbsp. water Of course, you can customize this recipe to your individual tastes.

We do prefer the hot sausage,

but mild will work just as well. Mix all ingredients, and bake at 350 degrees until browned.

When you prepare this recipe, you will no doubt get your hands dirty. When mixed, these ingredients will form into a dough-like mixture. One may be tempted to take the easy way out, and use a power mixer. However, we found that the ingredients blend best when using the old fashioned “mix by hand” technique.

Once properly mixed, you’ll roll the mixture into small balls, much like you used to roll clay as a child. We were pleasantly surprised as to how many sausage balls this made. After much rolling, we found ourselves with about 4 dozen.

Upon removal from the oven, we made sure everything was properly browned, and let the creation cool. Ours baked for about 25 minutes, but variables, such as the type of baking dish used, can cause fluctuations.

Once the sausage balls cooled, it came time to test the results.

You will not be disappointed!

These make the perfect complimentary food item to take to your holiday celebration.

Sausage balls have been a staple at some of the Christmas parties and dinners we have attended throughout the years.

Since this is an item that we’ve had before, we will also share this tip. Cream of mushroom soup makes a great complimentary dip for these sausage balls. Yes, it sounds unconventional, but we were impressed when we tried it.

At your next office party or family gathering, give the other guests a treat and bring these sausage balls. It may just secure your invitation to next year’s gathering.

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