Easy Beet Salad Recipes – The


HomeWATCH: Learn How To Make 2 Perfect Beet Salads (In Yiddish!)
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  • August 10, 2017
  • by Michelle Honig
Easy Beet Salad Recipes – The

I hate beets. Even though I have some Russian blood through my mother’s side, I have never really gotten the appeal. Sure, they’re gorgeous to look at. Sure, they’re fun to cook with because they stain your hands like you’re a victim of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But delicious? No.

However, this video by the Yiddish team (made possible in part by funding from The Max and Anna Levinson Foundation), which demonstrates how to make two kinds of beet appetizers — one sweet and one spicy — has me re-thinking my prejudice against these colorful root vegetables.

I just might give beets another chance.

Michelle Honig is a writer at the Forward. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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