Chinese air stewardess suspended for eating leftover meal

A Chinese flight attendant has been suspended after a video went viral online of her eating one of the meals left by passengers.

The woman was defended by some internet users, who asked what was wrong with her eating leftover food.

The video of the woman tucking into the meal was posted online several days ago.

The footage shows about 15 boxes of airline meals stacked up, with the flight attendant eating one of them.

Urumqi Air posted a statement on Thursday saying the attendant was one of its staff and that she had been suspended.

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The statement said the food was leftovers, but the attendant had not dealt with the meals properly.

The airline added that it would ensure all staff kept to procedures for handling leftover food to avoid similar incidents in the future.

One internet user wrote that they found the airline’s attitude baffling and also criticised the person who took the video.

“Since the meals are extras and will be thrown away, what’s the problem with her eating it?” they wrote. “The one who sneaked the video is a psycho.”

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