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The effects of Hurricane Irma are expected to make themselves known throughout Georgia on Monday and Tuesday, with the forecast calling for heavy rainfall, high winds and possible tornadoes. Fierce winds can lead to tree limbs taking out power lines and causing power outages, which can leave your fridge useless, potentially spoiling fresh food. However, just because your electricity might be down for the count doesn’t mean your culinary skills have to be too. In the event of a power outage, here are five tips for taking decisive actions and making the most of the food you have.

1. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible

According to Foodsafety.gov, a refrigerator will keep food cold for around four hours after the power goes out, and a full freezer will maintain its temperature for about 48 hours. It is crucial to keep the freezer as full as possible, as the food can act as ice blocks to maintain the frozen environment. To keep food cold for longer, buy dry or block ice to place in the refrigerator.

2. Immediately eat any special or expensive perishable food items

To make the most out of the fresh food items in your fridge, use them as soon as possible after the power goes out. Have a fruit salad for lunch, accompanied with a regular salad and a tall glass of milk.

3. Make fun tuna salads

Canned tuna is a great nonperishable food item that can be used to make many different types of tuna salad. Everyday Health recommends mixing tuna with avocado, celery and red onion for a twist on traditional tuna salad.

4. Dine on bean salad

Use up all the canned beans in the pantry and make a hearty bean salad. Simply Recipes has a three-bean salad recipe featuring cannellini beans, kidney beans and garbanzo beans.

5. Pretend you’re camping and make s'mores

Hold a marshmallow over a candle flame to make quick indoor s’mores. Put the marshmallows between some chocolate and a graham cracker, and you have yourself a delicious treat to help you ride out the hurricane weather.

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