7 Foods to Fight Weight Gain (While You're At Work)

One of the biggest obstacles that stands in the way of you and your fitness goals is being able to overcome cravings when you're under stress. I see this happen frequently to my Mission Lean clients while they are at work.

Let's say a deadline gets pushed up and you have to stay at your desk through lunch, or you've just realized that a formula somewhere in your Excel Worksheet is incorrectly calculated. Now you have to spend the next several hours powering through your work instead of going out for that healthy lunch like you had planned. Plus, there is now the added stress from all of the pressure to get your project done on time. You weren’t expecting this! Suddenly, there's barely any time to eat, let alone drive up the street to the nearest health store.

Since you were planning on going out to eat, you probably didn't bring a spare lunch with you (who would?!) What do you do now? Your options are limited to whatever is available in your cafeteria or office vending machine. Or in the break room. And no matter what you choose, these options are usually completely unhealthy.

So, how do you plan ahead to prevent a situation like this from happening to you?

By having some emergency foods stocked at your desk (or in the work fridge) that you can nosh on when there’s no time to grab a healthy lunch.

Here are some perfect foods that you can make a quick meal or snack with when you’re in a time crunch. Also, they don’t need to be refrigerated (though it’s good if you could keep them cold) and stay fresh for a long time.

1& 2) Apples and bananas. These will stay good for at least a week and can tame hunger by serving as a small snack.

3 & 4) Avocado and Mestemacher Bread. You can toast the bread and spread some avocado on it to make a sandwich. Who doesn’t love avocado toast?

5) Canned sardines/tuna/salmon. The reason these are useful is that they don’t need to be refrigerated (in case you don’t have access to a fridge.) Sure, this is no gourmet meal but if you open up one of these cans and throw a little lean protein onto your avocado toast, you’ll get that much more nutrition into your body.

6&7) Dried fruit and nuts. Grab a handful of some raw nuts and dried fruit (with no sugar added) to quell any hunger you might have. Enjoy this easy to consume snack any time.

These options are a much healthier alternative to eating the frozen bagels in the office freezer, or whatever pastries someone happened to bring in that day.

Of course on your ideal day you would have a relaxed, healthy lunch where you sit down and enjoy yourself. But if you're pressed for time, you need to make sure you have healthy food at your disposal.

Nobody is perfect, so there will always be days you forget your lunch or you're running late without time to pick up a healthy meal. Or you might be asked to work late, through your lunch break, or at some other time you weren't expecting. Be aware that this could happen and be sure to prepare ahead of time.

For more healthy recipes and lifestyle hacks check out MissionLean.com.

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7 Foods to Fight Weight Gain (While You're At Work)

7 Foods to Fight Weight Gain (While You're At Work)

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