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We’re all for a bit of sparkle. But would you top your turkey with this pub's glitter-infused gravy?

A new Christmas dinner offering has landed, and it’s a lot more festive than your standard apple and cranberry sauce. 

Creative sorts at The Fox Under The Hill, a pub belonging to the UK hospitality group Hungry Horse, have created a bit of a stir by putting glitter in their gravy. Pub guests are invited to “upgrade” their traditional roast dinners with a side of glitter gravy, which means Christmas has officially been taken to a new level of sparkle.

The glitter gravy can be ordered alongside a traditional turkey roast at the Greenwich pub, and could soon be a regular fixture at Hungry Horse pubs across the UK. 

The pub says its sparkling sauce is made with edible glitter. (Image: The Fox Under The Hill)

According to Ashish Patel, general manager of Fox Under The Hill, the glitter gravy has been well received by patrons. “We’ve had some great reactions from guests so far,” Patel says. “It would be great to see the dish added to all Hungry Horse Christmas menus across The UK.”

Not everyone seems convinced.

I saw an advertisement for glitter gravy. Y’all have just gone too far.

— mango (@illuminateddino) December 20, 2017

I love glitter and I love gravy but I gotta say I'm not vibing the 2 together

— karen grisham (@hannahgg_) December 20, 2017

But the idea has fans:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen glitter work its way into our mouths. Australian company Coffee by Dibella broke the Internet earlier this year with its ‘gold and diamond cappuccinos', and glitter galaxy donuts have taken been grabbing Instagram eyeballs. 

If The Fox Under The Hill’s gravy game inspires you to add sparkle to your Christmas spread, remember to use edible, non-toxic glitter. 

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