Press Table: Coffee cake is Christmas tradition in one family | Features

Press Table: Coffee cake is Christmas tradition in one family | Features

Coffee cake is a Christmas tradition.


It’s almost time.

Are you ready?

Did you get all of the presents wrapped? Cookies made? Stockings hung?

After all, tomorrow’s the big day.

Kids will rush downstairs with anticipation to see what Santa left them under the tree. Adults will gather ’round, watching the piles of wrapping paper grow and smile, remembering what it was like to be so excited for presents that didn’t include all-weather car mats or a vacuum.

While I was growing up, every Christmas morning we had to wait for my grandparents to get to our house before we could open anything under the tree. The wait was agonizing.

They would arrive and chitchat while the coffee was poured. As we danced around begging them to hurry, my mom would remove a warm coffee cake from the oven.

Every year, I was offered a slice (cake for breakfast!), and every year I declined because for some reason I was convinced coffee cake had actual coffee in it.

At some point, I got it in my head that my family was launching a conspiracy to get me to ingest coffee by trying to feed me coffee cake. To be fair, I was a very picky eater growing up, so sometimes I had to be tricked into eating things.

Despite repeated attempts to assure me that coffee cake did not, in fact, contain actual coffee, I never gave in.

Boy, was that dumb. Coffee cake is incredible (and does not, in fact, contain actual coffee.)

A few years ago, I attempted to make my own coffee cake by throwing a few ingredients into a food processor and layering them with yellow cake batter. My experiment turned into a winner.

And now, every year for Christmas, I make my coffee cake and, ironically enough, eat it accompanied by a very large cup of joe.

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