This week’s healthy meal plan

This week’s healthy meal plan

All of the flavour with none of the calories. Source:


Use the beautiful winter produce that Australia has to offer and whip up these

zucchini, halloumi and brussels sprout fritters

for dinner tonight. They only take 20 minutes to cook and will unfortunately disappear in half that time. Serve with fresh Perino tomatoes (or any cherry or grape tomatoes you have) and a dollop of herbed yoghurt.


This week’s healthy meal plan

Stir-fry is a healthy, family favourite for a reason. Source: Supplied

Stir-fry is a healthy, quick and filling go-to dinner choice in most households. It’s perfect for using up those extra vegetables hiding in the crisper and can be served with noodles or brown rice. This

crispy tofu stir-fry with charred sugar snaps

from Jamie Oliver uses even less ingredients than you’re used to, but is still packed full of flavour.


This week’s healthy meal plan

Making your own ramen bowl is easier than you'd imagine. Source: bodyandsoul


vegetarian mushroom ramen bowl

is the perfect dish if you’re just cooking for yourself and a lucky guest or loved one. This vegetarian ramen is low in sodium, while being packed full of flavour and nutrients. It’s a trendy dish if you’re trying to impress, and the perfect dinner option to come home to after a long day at work.


This week’s healthy meal plan

Who can go past a rich, flavoursome tagine? Source:


pumpkin and pearl couscous tagine

is a winter crowd pleaser. Stew this one is a large pan, or tagine, and serve it up straight from the stove so everybody can help themselves. This one-pot wonder is rich in flavour but low on calories, so seconds are more than encouraged. Serve with a dollop of cooling Greek yoghurt and you’re good to go.


This week’s healthy meal plan

An easy, one-pot wonder that the whole family will enjoy. Source:

If it has not already become apparent, paneer is a vegetarian’s best friend and is a versatile ingredient across a number of cuisines. This

spiced millet pilaf with roast cauliflower and paneer

proves that. With only five minutes of prep work, this easy dinner option will be ready to serve in no time, packed full of textures and beautiful Indian flavours.


This week’s healthy meal plan

All of the flavour with none of the calories. Source: Source: Supplied

I hope you saved some of that paneer for this

warm paneer and lentil salad with chutney dressing

. With punchy flavours and fresh herbs this dish will give you a great flavour hit without having to simmer a sauce for hours. Serve with

naan bread

which you can make yourself using just two ingredients. Trust me, if I can do it, you can.


This week’s healthy meal plan

Is it time to put away the slow cooker yet? Source: bodyandsoul

Depends on where you currently live, but the weather of late could have you confused as to what season it actually is. And if you are done with stews and soups, why not whip up this

brown rice and edamame sushi salad

this weekend and kick off those spring vibes a little early. Fresh and full of Japanese flavours, this sushi salad is great for a light dinner or a late Sunday lunch.

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