Big Freedia Explains Booty Poppin’ Potatoes at Liberty’s Kitchen

On tonight’s episode of Fuse’s Big Freedia Bounces Back, the Queen of Bounce gives a lasagna-making lesson to the folks at Liberty’s Kitchen while she explains a different specialty of hers — a little something she likes to call “booty poppin’ potatoes” because “while you eat them, they make your booty grow.”

The recipe for both the lasagna and the potatoes, to which she adds her own twists, was handed down to her from her mother, who taught her to cook while she was growing up in New Orleans.

“There’s no place like New Orleans baby. I’ve had many opportunities to move anywhere in the world that I wanted and I still choose home,” she told the students in the kitchen. Big Freedia was one of the first artists to return and work after Katrina.

Besides the inherent risks of twerking in the kitchen, Big Freedia told Eater on a phone call that she did, indeed, break it down at Liberty’s Kitchen.

Tune in: All-new episodes of Big Freedia Bounces Back air Tuesdays at 10/9c on Fuse.


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