OCM BOCES students get in-depth experience in medical field -

OCM BOCES students get in-depth experience in medical field -

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A first year partnership between OCM BOCES and Upstate Medical University is giving more than 30 high school students an up close and detailed look into the medical profession.

The program is one of five business-based programs offered through OCM BOCES.

In the Upstate program, students are bussed each day from their home schools to the Upstate campus.

They spend half their day Monday through Wednesday learning in a classroom and earning college credits.

"Even if I don't want to do something in the medical field and want to do something towards science just going in saving almost a semesters worth of college." Says Ryan Bristow a senior at Cicero-North Syracuse High School and enrolled in the Physical Rehabilitative Professions Program.

Bristow’s program is two years long; seniors can enroll in the one year New Vision Medical Professions Program which gives a broader overview of the medical field.

Kathy Duncan, a senior at Marcellus High School, is enrolled there and says, "The whole thing with this program is that you may think you want to do one thing in the medical field but being exposed to the other options you can change very easily and I think that's what I'm going to do."

Katherine Beissner, Interim Dean College of Health Professions at Upstate Medical University, tells NewsChannel 9, "Working with students is energizing to everyone I think.  This experiential learning is the wave of the present and future and learning in context I think is the most important thing about those opportunities that we can provide here."

“We go out and around Syracuse and to Baldwinsville into therapy settings and I found it really cool."  Bristow says.

Duncan adds, "We're seeing how the doctors present themselves, we're seeing how patients interact, we're seeing firsthand how you're supposed to deal with patients and we get to go around the hospital, in the OR, in the ER, I just did wound care and it’s very interesting."

“It’s critically important for these students to learn professional skills, collaboration, communication, critical thinking."  Says Phil Grome, Director of Career and Technical Education at OCM BOCES.

Students can earn up to 16 college credits from professors at Onondaga Community College, who arrive on campus to teach classes such as English, anatomy & physiology, psychology and physical therapy.

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