The Many Benefits Of Eating Insects + Recipes (Infographic)

Though not yet a common diet in the Western world, entomophagy, or the eating of insects, is a practice enjoyed by at least two billion people across the globe.

With a growing population and increasing demand for meat, we�re facing a global protein shortage. Combined animal agriculture�s high environmental cost, this has led the UN to urge us to eat insects instead.

The good news is that the likes of ants, termites and wasps are not only delicious, but rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Here we explore both the environmental and health benefits of eating insects. And if the idea of eating insects doesn�t bug you, we�ve also shared some of our favorite insect recipes.

The Many Benefits Of Eating Insects + Recipes (Infographic)

Infographic via Western Exterminator

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