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Sandra Lee on How Her Childhood Inspired Her Charity Work

Sandra Lee on How Her Childhood Inspired Her Charity Work

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On Friday, Lee was awarded the Altruist of the Year award by Modern Luxury’s Angeleno magazine for her ongoing charity work.To provide for her siblings, Lee says she took any job she could find, like cleaning houses, and used welfare and food stamps for food and clothing.

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Israeli Food Writer Gil Hovav Recalls His Jerusalem Childhood, and His Favorite Recipes – Tablet Magazine

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In ‘Candies From Heaven,’ Israeli food writer Gil Hovav recalls his early years in Jerusalem—and the food that meant the most to him

November 28, 2017 • 12:00 AM

“Jerusalem was a very sweet city to grow up in,” Israeli food writer Gil Hovav told me over lunch recently at a restaurant in downtown Chicago.“When I was growing up the real celebrities were my father and mother, who were big news announcers, not my great-grandfather who revived Hebrew,” Hovav said.

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Durango restaurants to participate in Dine Out to End Childhood Hunger

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To help combat problems, the organization Share Our Strength is sponsoring the Colorado Dine Out to End Childhood Hunger campaign on Thursday, in which participating restaurants and retailers will donate a percentage of their proceeds to the group’s nutrition and education program, Cooking Matters Colorado.”In terms of the families that Cooking Matters Colorado works with, “we meet them where they are,” Zubick said.

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Healthy eating, excersise can help curb childhood obesity

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — and that figure doesn’t include children who are “just” overweight and not obese.Preventing or treating childhood obesity is vital for lifelong health, but it requires a team effort among a child’s parents and medical providers.

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Is Fast Food Linked To Childhood Heart Disease? « CBS Miami

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LONDON (CBSMiami) — Researchers in Britain say kids who regularly eat fast food could be on the fast track to getting heart disease and diabetes when they are older.Ateeka Khwaja usually cooks at home for her three-year-old son, Aqoob, but when her schedule is tight, they will go somewhere fast to eat.