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How to enjoy the holidays by practicing civility

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For most families, the holidays mean getting together and sharing a meal with friends and relatives.They developed an initiative called Revive Civility, which among other things, works with national and state legislators and trains them on civility and civil discourse.

People in need enjoy special meal at Jacob's Hope Cafeteria

People in need enjoy special meal at Jacob's Hope Cafeteria

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By WKYT News Staff | 

Posted: Tue 9:24 PM, Dec 19, 2017

Updated: Tue 10:47 PM, Dec 19, 2017

On Tuesday night, people eating at the Jacob's Hope Cafeteria enjoyed a special meal.It was part of the Hope Center's 12 Days of Christmas program for those in need.

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Enjoy appetizers over the holidays | News

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No matter the culture, the holidays are all about family, celebrating, and yes, of course, food.The hors d’oeuvre is more of a free agent, ready to meet up with whatever bread, cracker or vegetable is presented.

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Breaking away from bibimbap to enjoy the best of Korean food

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When one thinks of Korean food, popular dishes such as bibimbap (mixed rice with meat and vegetables), kimchi (fermented vegetables) and Korean barbecue tend to come to mind.But in the mountainous Gangwon province where many agricultural products are produced, regional specialties not commonly found elsewhere in South Korea take pride of place in many restaurants.

How to Be Healthy and Enjoy the Holiday Season

How to Be Healthy and Enjoy the Holiday Season

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To that I say, "Who cares if you gain a few pounds over the holidays?" My advice may seem a little off-track compared to the other tips you're likely to hear this season, like to eat a healthy dinner before you hit the office holiday party or to follow the three-bite rule when sampling from the cookie tray.

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Enjoy a cheesy Christmas with Kraft

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Now available at leading supermarkets and grocery stores, Kraft cheddar cheese which originates from Australia is a product of the Kraft Heinz Company and a favourite among children and adults alike.Eaten plain or added to another dish, Kraft cheddar cheese delivers not just flavour but nutritional benefits as well.