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Ching-He Huang's tips on how to ok a Chinese stir-fry

Ching-He Huang's tips on how to ok a Chinese stir-fry

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Fortunately, foodie entrepreneur Ching-He Huang has a new cookbook called Stir Crazy out featuring 100 stir-fry recipes and she’s offering some top tips on getting the dish right.Taiwan-born Ching, 38, says: "People add everything in at once and hope for the best, but really, the simple message is that every ingredient needs its time.

Recipe: How to Make Asian-fusion Turkey Stir-fry

Recipe: How to Make Asian-fusion Turkey Stir-fry

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Lightened-up recipes
Add some flavor and throw an Asian spin on your classic American turkey.StockFood / Getty

While there's nothing more American than sitting down to a Thanksgiving turkey, what you do with those leftovers can span all over the country.

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Cauliflower stir fry

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• 3 portions fish or chicken
• 1 head of cauliflower
• 2 medium carrots (don’t use if on keto)
• 3 stalks spring onions and green pepper
• One large onion, ginger and garlic
• Vegetable/olive oil
• Soy sauce
• Stock cubes
• 2 large eggs
• Salt and pepper to taste

Marinade and barbeque your fish/chicken while doing the stir fry.Remove the head (florets) of the cauliflower and blitz in your food processor into grains that resemble rice.

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Why oking a stir fry uld be bad for health, acrding to scientists

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It may seem like a healthy option, but cooking a stir-fry could be bad for health because it shoots microscopic particles of fat into the air, which may be hazardous if inhaled, scientists have warned.Researchers at Texas Tech University and Utah State University heated up oil in a frying pan and then recorded what happened when droplets of water were added.