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An autopsy of a too-full purse

12/03 23:02 Anonymous 0

I had a much simpler solution: “Ummm, just stop carrying so much junk in your purse?”

I’m married to a woman, so I’m no stranger to the black hole that is the purse.

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Taco Bell is now making a burrito full of French fries

12/04 15:04 Anonymous 0

Stop everything, because we have big fast food news: Taco Bell is now making a french fry-filled burrito.According to FoodBeast, Taco Bell is calling this calorie conglomerate the “California Loaded Fries Burrito,” and you can get one for $1.

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'Gremlins: Recall' fan film full of fuzz and blood

12/07 12:54 Anonymous 0

The popularity of Netflix's "Stranger Things" is kicking up an interest in all things '80s horror, so it's the perfect time for Los Angeles director Ryan Patrick to unveil his riveting "Gremlins: Recall" short fan film.It's so good, you'll think you're watching the opening to an official "Gremlins 3.