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YMCA Gets Grant for Healthy Food Initiative |

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The Year-Round Food Program offered at the YMCA used to offer healthy snacks, but with the new grant the program to expand to serve full meals.Since the YMCA was already participating in an initiative around healthy eating and physical activity, expanding that initiative using grant money made sense.

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Healthy eating, excersise can help curb childhood obesity

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — and that figure doesn’t include children who are “just” overweight and not obese.Preventing or treating childhood obesity is vital for lifelong health, but it requires a team effort among a child’s parents and medical providers.

Kale medley salad kit is healthy, grab-and-go dinner

Kale medley salad kit is healthy, grab-and-go dinner

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When it comes to making healthy choices, menu planning is essential.Holbrook offers up a recipe for kale medley salad, a healthy, grab-and-go dinner you can make in advance:
Kale medley salad kit

Panko-breaded chicken

Mixed fruit

Consider grapes, strawberries, chopped apples

Roasted vegetables

Consider Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, cauliflower

Blue cheese (optional)

Walnuts and cashews�

Dried cherries or low-sugar dried cranberries

Fresh kale

Poppyseed dressing


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Healthy food gift ideas for Christmas, suggested by dietitians

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View galleryA healthy DIY recipe
bookThe Dietitians Association of Australia has rounded up its experts (all accredited practicing dietitians) to suggest healthy gifts for Christmas — and best of all, they can all be pulled together last-minute without blowing your budget.“Put together a little recipe book (on Word — nothing fancy!

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WPAFB offers tips on staying healthy

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Sarah Baker, CHPS health promotion coordinator, has some tips to help avoid overeating and gaining extra pounds.She recommends that individuals be aware of their triggers – identify what food items make them eat more of and try the following:
– Eat a small, healthy snack before arriving to a party.

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Secretly Healthy Canapés For A Holiday Cocktail Party

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Dec 13, 2017 1:29 PM
Throw a festive holiday cocktail party with secretly healthy canapés—the guests will never know.And finally, for the vegetable lovers, make these amazing crispy Brussels sprouts with miso dip; you won’t need to add a platter of crudité.