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NASA: 'Cannonball' spotted on Mars isn't what it seems

NASA: 'Cannonball' spotted on Mars isn't what it seems

12/06 12:52 Anonymous 0

com/BDWwrOv02l— Curiosity Rover (@MarsCuriosity) December 5, 2017

The Curiosity image shows a delightfully round shape sitting on the dusty surface of Mars.The tweet also includes an image taken in 2004 by NASA's Opportunity rover, of a collection of spherules known as "blueberries," that shows how round concretions really aren't that odd on Mars.

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The Albertsons Instacart Deal isn’t Just About Amazon

11/29 10:48 Anonymous 0

Albertsons announced a deal today that will have Instacart providing same day grocery delivery for more than 1,800 of its stores by the middle of next year.Upon news of the deal breaking, many were quick to call this a defensive move to better compete with Amazon/Whole Foods.

At Ugly Baby, the Name Isn’t All That’s Unusual

At Ugly Baby, the Name Isn’t All That’s Unusual

11/28 11:30 Anonymous 0

This may be an immutable law for kitchen cabinets, but it is not always true of Thai restaurants, as I learned at a new place in Brooklyn with the memorable name Ugly Baby.Continue reading the main story


Ugly Baby’s walls have been painted with a bright James Rosenquist palette.

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Recipes for people who think white chocolate isn't 'real' |

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But a growing number of specialty chocolate companies are now giving the same attention to white chocolate as dark or milk chocolate, and trying to highlight the ways it can showcase flavor.Pastry chef and cookbook author David Lebovitz, an avowed white chocolate fan, disputes the idea that it’s not really chocolate.

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Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Big Bucks

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Not every blog is going to be a success.You can maximize your chances of success by increasing the amount you promote your blog and making sure your website is always running in tip top shape.