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Germany's Merkel pledges for quick move toward new coalition

Germany's Merkel pledges for quick move toward new coalition

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BERLIN –  Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing for the quick formation of a new governing alliance with Germany's main center-left party, saying that only a coalition will bring the "stable government" needed at a challenging time for Europe.Merkel's conservative Union bloc and the center-left Social Democrats will begin discussions Wednesday on a possible extension of their coalition of the past four years.

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Germany's Merkel Faces pressure for Quick Coalition Talks

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Chancellor Angela Merkel faced pressure from inside her conservative bloc Sunday to aim for a quick coalition deal with center-left rivals without conceding too much ground on core issues such as immigration.Talks between Merkel's conservative bloc and two smaller parties to form a previously untried coalition collapsed a week ago.

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Macron's EU vision will bolster Franco-German axis - Merkel

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TALLINN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised French President Emmanuel Macron’s ambitions for the European Union on Thursday and said his ideas could be the foundation for “intense” Franco-German cooperation on the future of Europe.On Tuesday, Macron outlined bold proposals for a European renewal, calling for the European Union to work more closely on defence and migration and for a euro zone budget.

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Merkel, Macron pledge to lead EU forward post-Brexit

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“Last night’s discussions showed there’s a common realization of a need for a leap forward in Europe,” Macron told reporters on Friday after an EU summit dinner that stretched beyond midnight in the Estonian capital Tallinn.“Today we’re all convinced Europe must move ahead faster and stronger, for more sovereignty, more unity and more democracy.

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Merkel potato soup, beer and nudism –

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Cook like the chancellor
Eight years after she revealed that she can whip up a “really good potato soup”, Merkel has finally disclosed her recipe.“Then there’ll always be a few lumps left,” said Merkel, known affectionately to Germans as “Mutti” (Mummy).

From fleeing Syria to dazzling Merkel in the kitchen

From fleeing Syria to dazzling Merkel in the kitchen

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Back in Syria, friends gave Malakeh Jazmati the nickname “Miss Spaghetti” because cooking up tasty traditional regional dishes wasn’t exactly her thing.Flash forward two years and Jazmati has become a dynamo in the kitchen in her adopted hometown of Berlin, with Chancellor Angela Merkel among those dazzled by her Middle Eastern delights.