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20 mph safe zones result in more pedestrian deaths

12/18 19:15 Anonymous 0

A year after the UK cities of Bath and Somerset enacted 20 mph "safe zones," statistics reveal they are anything but.To reduce traffic deaths, Bath and Northeast Somerset declared 13 safe zones both in urban and more rural areas with strictly enforced 20 mph speed limits.

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RBR Tailgaiting: Burgers 101, a Result

11/24 10:58 Anonymous 0

I want that first ground burger with all its mealy dryness tossed callously down the memory hole.I can’t find any consensus or even a modest plurality to back me up on this, but a ground fat without at least some of its attending flesh is jarring.

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Trump’s salvo on Obamacare unlikely to result in quick changes

02/16 02:51 Anonymous 0

The focus of the directive is association health plans, which allow small-business owners, trade groups and others to band together to purchase health insurance.Such plans would be exempt from certain Obamacare rules, including requirements that it cover standard benefits, such as prescription drug coverage.