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Tasty turkey cranberry patties | Starts at 60

12/21 04:14 Anonymous 0

This tasty recipe uses minced turkey and leftover cranberry sauce to create a healthy and delicious meal that’s ready in less than 30 minutes.The ingredients are simple, but the flavours are huge, with plenty of fresh parsley, garlic and red onion packing a punch.

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Path to easy tomato soup starts with roasting

12/16 20:49 Anonymous 0

It won’t be sweater weather, but I suppose I can always chill the soup down and call it gazpacho.Healthy
This recipe works well with peak-season tomatoes, of course, but roasting offseason specimens can yield good results as well.

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Tasty individual eggplant parmigiana | Starts at 60

12/09 14:26 Anonymous 0

Rather than creating a big family sized dish, this version of the classic Italian meal comes in individual serves that make a great snack or easy lunch.This tasty recipe includes a crispy eggplant base, filled with a ricotta mixture, topped with pasta sauce, mozzarella and pine nuts.

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Tasty cheesy potato croquettes | Starts at 60

12/09 13:54 Anonymous 0

With the festive season upon us, these delicious potato croquettes are a great lunch or dinner party companion.This incredible recipe is made up of potato, parmesan and bocconcini, all working together to create a fantastic flavour that will have you coming back for more.

Christmas dinner starts here

Christmas dinner starts here

12/04 00:07 Anonymous 0

These have graced Christmas dinner tables all over the country, and come highly recommended.So will it be a classic roast turkey, with failsafe instructions from Darina Allen?