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Mama's Que, Stew & Country Cafe

Mama's Que, Stew & Country Cafe

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You can find it sitting in the parking lot of the Ace Hardware Store in Gray.“I’ve been working either full time or part time in a restaurant for over 20 something years,” Julie Weprek, the restaurant’s owner said.

Beef Stew Recipes |  Food

Beef Stew Recipes | Food

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Beef stew is a classic favorite that you'll want to keep in heavy rotation all season long.RelatedComfort Food Recipes EVEN Better Than How Mom Made Them (Sorry, Mom!

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Lamb stew recipe worth following on chilly nights | Kitchen Cabinet

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Abeba “Abby” Teklehaimanot and Mulugeta “Muller” Gebregziabher say bones are “a must have” for flavoring this typically mild stew, although home cooks can ratchet up the heat level with extra jalapeno peppers.Niter kibbeh, the seasoned clarified butter most easily attained in the Charleston area through mail order, also lends depth to the dish.

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Hearty Irish stew with lamb and herbs

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The rich sauce and tender lamb burst with flavour, while the onions and creamy potatoes balance out the stew and help create that memorable rustic flavour.This is a great meal to make in bulk and freeze for later — it seems to taste even better the next time around!

Stew Leonard's cookie-flavored milk is back

Stew Leonard's cookie-flavored milk is back

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Tania Savayan/lohudStew Leonard's Christmas Cookie Milk.(Photo: Courtesy of Stew Leonard's)As the holiday season reaches full tilt, Stew Leonard's has announced that it is bringing back one of its quirkier items for the second year in a row.